#Journeyto30-Near Death in NYC

This is the story of a young black woman. Loving herself. Discovering her inner light. Learning to live in her truth. Giving herself permission to take up space. Trying to figure it all out, but most importantly appreciating every moment along the way. In this episode, I tell how it all began with a near death experience in New York City.

Self Care Moment ft I See You Wellness

On the eve of December 31st, I stood surrounded by a few good friends and quite a large number of strangers as the clock slowly counted down.

It was officially 2019. In an absurd way this holiday cast away my past failures and gave my soul permission to start new. This year, I chose to commit to myself in a deeper way; with intentionality.  

I closed my eyes and worked my femimnine magic as I put my intentions into the universe. I wasn’t focused on being a new me, but more-so taking care of the easily overwhelmed, sometimes distraught, but always beautiful “old” me. The 2019 intention is to love on myself and in return share the wealth with you.

Here is my gold.

Curating Your Sacred Space

It becomes more and more important that we have a space and time to ourselves. Sacred space allows us a spot that is dedicated to self-reflection and deepens the connection that we have with our faith.

So I Got Fired.

Two years ago, I moved from Chicago to LA with no job, barely any money in my account, and a dream in my heart. There were hella bumps in the road, but today I am walking in my purpose and spreading love

Rediscovering Roots Pt. 1

Recently, I have been on self-love journey that includes rediscovering my roots. Growing up in a place that was culturally deficient, I realized there is a lot I don’t know about the history of my people. I started wondering how can I love the pieces of me that I know nothing about? This is part 1 of many and if you want to know more Sade holds workshops and classes.