Rediscovering Roots Pt. 1

mooie-samenstelling-met-palmbladen-op-gele-achtergrond_24972-68 copy.jpg

Recently, I have been on self-love journey that includes rediscovering my roots. Growing up in a place that was culturally deficient, I realized there is a lot I don’t know about the history of my people. The most I know is that I am black and a teensy part Irish.

I started wondering how can I love the pieces of me that I know nothing about?

The search to get closer and learn more brought me to Sade, the founder of Roots of Resistance. Recently, we had the chance to sit down and chat about the history of afro healing ways. I learned so much. Like, did you know that Westerners used to purposely poison slaves so they could learn their healing practices? I know you are probably thinking the same thing I was. “Damn, what the ?!?!”

Anyway watch the full video by clicking the picture below. This is part 1 of many and if you want to know more Sade holds workshops and classes. You can learn about those by contacting her at or checking her Facebook page.

Tiffany Lit'ShaeComment