I believe we were meant to meet.  

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At 25, I  had it all. A blossoming career, what I thought would be a future husband, and bustling lifestyle in the heart of Chicago. Perfect life, right? Wrong. On one fateful night,  I found myself sitting in my bed surrounded in a puddle of tears. As thoughts of suicide swarmed my head, I had to admit that life was not as perfect as it seemed. So I did what every woman does when she is going through a mental crisis. I cut off my hair and restarted my life.

With my boo and sporting a brand new do, I made the drastic decision to move across the United States to Los Angeles. One and a half years, two jobs, and three heartbreaks later, the mysticism of the city ran dry. I found myself sadder than ever. I was forced to sit down and take a closer look at my life, my friends, and my career. Like a divine lightning bolt, the reason I was so unhappy hit me.

I spent the last 27 years of my life being selfless with my love. From my job working at a non profit, to my love life--even my hobby as a mentor. It all revolved around me giving love to others. Yet, I was so afraid to give love to myself.

At that moment, I decided to  start living for myself. All my love was poured back into MY heart. All my extra money was poured back into MY dreams. All of my care was poured back into  MY self. Things began to change.

Life began to work for me rather than against me. I found when I gave love to myself, I was able to better give more to others.

My life is not perfect, BUT it is full of love and to me that is the greatest gift I can ever receive.

As selfless beings we pour into others without hesitation, but stumble and stutter when it comes to pouring love and happiness into ourselves. I teach women to honor their spirit by first loving themselves. We tell ourselves that we do not deserve love. That ends today, because,


I want you to THRIVE not just SURVIVE

So, check out my blog, workshops, and indulge in a coaching session to learn how you can honor your spirit by showing yourself a little more love. 

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