In all honesty, this is the story of a young black woman trying to figure out this thing that we call life. Loving herself. Discovering her inner light. Learning to live in her truth. Giving herself permission to take up space. Believing in herself.

I choose my narrative. On some days, I am  Solange on other days I am more like Beyoncé, but in every moment I am enjoying the journey.

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Self Care Moment ft I See You Wellness

Self Care Moment ft I See You Wellness

On the eve of December 31st, I stood surrounded by a few good friends and quite a large number of strangers as the clock slowly counted down.

It was officially 2019. In an absurd way this holiday cast away my past failures and gave my soul permission to start new. This year, I chose to commit to myself in a deeper way; with intentionality.  

I closed my eyes and worked my feminine magic as I put my intentions into the universe. I wasn’t focused on being a new me, but more-so taking care of the easily overwhelmed, sometimes distraught, but always beautiful “old” me. The 2019 intention is to love on myself and in return share the wealth with you.

Here is my gold.

I recently plunged in the "Indulge Yourself" — The Complete Self Care Package curated by Mar at I See You Wellness. Side note, check out her story, she is a total magical badass.

The box is priced at $70, but contains quite a few dope items including…..

·         "Soothe Yourself" Calming Toner + Mist

·         "Feel Yourself" Moroccan Black Soap (1oz)

·         "Ground Yourself" Grounding Roll On

·         "Uplift Yourself" Uplifting Candle (4oz)

·         "Nourish Yourself" Multi-Use Oil

·         "Clear Yourself" Palo Santo + Sage Bundle

·         And  a magical  affirmation that felt as if it was made especially for me

The coolest thing about this package is everything is genuinely magical and I can honestly say that I use each product at least 2-3 times per week.

The black soap and toner along with my jade roller and drinking water have greatly decreased my forehead wrinkles. The oil is the perfect end to my love baths and the palo santo help to direct my focus during my morning meditations.

But if you want to try something that is divine, magical, and soul cleansing, I highly suggest the “Ground Yourself" Grounding Roll On.

On my most anxious days, I roll a small amount on my wrist. Rub them together and I take a deep deep breathe. Instantly my worries melt away like snow on a sunny day. It has been a small but mighty piece of heaven especially in these few months when I have been pushed to my limits.

Ground Yourself " Grounding Roll On

Ground Yourself" Grounding Roll On

Please, support the brand and let me know which product you love most.

Peace x Love.

#Journeyto30-Near Death in NYC

#Journeyto30-Near Death in NYC

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