In all honesty, this is the story of a young black woman trying to figure out this thing that we call life. Loving herself. Discovering her inner light. Learning to live in her truth. Giving herself permission to take up space. Believing in herself.

I choose my narrative. On some days, I am  Solange on other days I am more like Beyoncé, but in every moment I am enjoying the journey.

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August Reflection: "You still have time to transform."

August Reflection: "You still have time to transform."

Do you know the significance of the seventh month (July) and the eight month (August)?

In numerology, the number seven marks the sacred place between life and death. In this solemn place, things become complete. In contrast, the number 8 marks new life, regeneration, and rebirth. The number eight gives us the permission to shed our skin in hopes of transforming into the next phase of our lives.

This month let a new life happen to you. I know this year has come with some ups and down,  but as you end this month welcome the next 30 days as an opportunity to be born again.

Annddd on that note boo,  its homework time!

In honor of completion and rebirth, I want you to grab a notebook and I want you to write how you want this year to roll out for you. The key is to write it as if it already happened  and give room for divine intervention.

Here is an example:

Right: I mended a relationship with someone I had been at odds with. My soul is now free to honor and support new relationships.

Wrong: I will mend broken friendships. Our relationship will be as it was before we hurt each other.

This is called manifestation. When we make our dreams and desires known, forces unseen (God, the Universe, or whomever you believe in) conspire to make all things happen in your favor. 

It doesn't matter where you are coming from. It matters where you are going. Put your note in a sacred place and next year let's pull it out and see how we have blossomed.

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