Through workshops, events, and conferences focused on self love, self care, and self healing, the S.E.L.F Movement teaches young women and girls to fearlessly lead in their homes, communities, and careers by taking the time to nurture and love their authentic selves. Contact me to learn more about how you can become part of the S.E.L.F movement.


Self(ish) Events

We work. We love. We live.

But in doing so, how often do we give back to ourselves? Self(ish) Love Events are carefully curated to provide you and your friends with the most relaxing and enjoyable wellness experience. 

As leaders of the wellness movement, Self(ish) Love Events are vetted, curated wellness experiences crafted to address the self-love needs and the time constraints of today's modern woman. By offering authentic real life opportunities to engage with the world around you, Self(ish) Events help you redefine happiness and focus thoughts and desires with intention in order to heal and manifest our destinies. 


S.E.L.F Youth Workshops

Our girls bear witness to a society of excess and idolatry where everything they see fuels their quest to be anybody but who they are. 

S.E.L.F Love gives young high school women ages 14-18 a safe space to open up and talk about some of the today's most pressing problems, including self care, bullying, self love, identity, advocacy, living life truthfully and so much more. 

In a world where women are under so much pressure to be perfect. The S.E.L.F. curriculum teaches young women that they are beautiful simply by being themselves.