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The Black Book of Love


The Goddess Exchange is a series which aims to bridge the gaps of sisterhood for Black women to share, learn, and grow together.The Black Book of Love will be an open dialogue that will explore the depths of self love and self acceptance as a black woman balancing life, career, and intimate relationships.

Location will be announced with RSVP. To RSVP click here

Circle of Queens:

-- Alyesha Wise: @alyeshawise

-- Brittany Martin: @blackgirllovingherself

-- Sola Bamis: @solabamishigbin

--Quin: @thequincat

--Wilize Maleombho: @WilizeMa

-Ashley Wilkerson: @loveashleywilkerson

*light refreshments will be served. Please hurry seats are limited!

About Crown of Courage & Pursuit ot Nappiness:

Crown of Courage is a community dedicated to celebrating and supporting black women' emotional journey through womanhood.

Pursuit of Nappinesss designed to encourage and involve the conscious mind on a journey towards loving, accepting, and having pride for your roots.

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