you are here for a reason


Whether that reason be a deep search for self-revelation or curiosity please, honor that feeling. But before you go, could you answer one question for me?

Do you love the life you live?

If the answer is yes, amazing. If your answer is no or you have to think about it, no worries. I am here to help. Two years ago, I let go of my self-limiting thoughts and I dared to DREAM BIG and BELIEVE that anything is possible in MY LIFE:

And guess what I found out?

Anything and everything really is possible if you simply believe.

Over these past two years, I was able to:

  • Overcome my on-going struggle with depression and negative thoughts.

  • Land my dream job working with youth and raising money.

  • Transform my pain into a curriculum that has helped over 100 young women and girls to unleash their inner light to accomplish their goals.

  • Land my first conference speaking gig.

  • Travel to over 3 different countries.

  • Publish articles for three major publications to encourage women to focus on self-healing and heart work.

  • Decrease my overall debt by 5%

  • Obtain my life coaching certification to fulfill my purpose to help others.

  • Learn how to live each day as my highest self.

Let me be clear. It didn’t happen overnight I had to go through a lot of ups and downs.

I wanted other people to have the same tools that helped me without the struggle or wasting loads of money on things that just did not work. So, I created the The GLOW Up method to teach amazing humans, like yourself, the art of unleashing YOUR inner light to create a life you LOVE!

So check out some of my resources and if you are interested in learning more about the GLOW up method and how you can experience results in your life, lets chat.

With Love,

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